Outdoor Education Camps

Outdoor Education is what Integridad is all about. Typically they will be a five-day programme mixing physical challenges, creativity, communication and empathy skills, teamwork activities, service to others and more. We taylor camps to the needs of the group, employing a range of activities from construction, sentitisation to beauty, trust and team-building games, scientific fieldwork, games, role plays, simulations and art and crafts using natural materials.

Young people in Ecuador have a lot of fears because most are raised in an atmosphere of doubts and distrust. Parents rarely demonstrate confidence in their ability and most don’t get involved in their child’s education in a positive way. Helping them to step outside their comfort zone and think with new confidence requires well planned activities and patient facilitators.  

We expect most of the camps will service the local country and indigenous kids but we also want to work with kids from the towns and cities, children with physical and mental challenges and those with anti-social behavioural patterns. 

Outdoor Education helps people orientate their lives.