Resource Links

1. Philosophy and Mathematics

Philosophy of the truth: on  Karl Popper:

Understanding Mathematics: Roger Antonsen

Mathematics: Fractals and self-affinity

Ben Weiss

Keith Mcgreggor

James Prieto

Jonathan Wolfe

Adrian Bejan

Sumit D Chowdhury  

Our fractal relationship to God:  We are made in the image of God. Genesis 1:26-27, 5:1-2, 9:6.


2. Science and Medicine

Unified field theory John Hagelin

Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Fred Alan Wolfe

Stuart Hameroff

Epigenetics: Bruce Lipton:

Biology: Exercise cures most health problems and more:



3. Ecology, Botany  and Zoology

Traditional and modern Science: Gaia: Our Global Self



4. Education and Psychology

Psychology:  We create our own reality:

We only see what we want to see:


Education: Outdoor Education

Education: Nature deficit disorder:

Intelligence in the skin:



5. Inspiring Projects




6. Sustainable Living




7.  Adventure




8. Sport




9. Technology



10. Children’s stories



11. Music




12. Visual Arts




13. Organisations We Support