Resource Links

1. Philosophy and Mathematics

Philosophy of the truth: on  Karl Popper:

Understanding Mathematics: Roger Antonsen

Rupert Sheldrake 

John Hagelin      

Fractals and Self-affinity

Self-Affinity definition

Ben Weiss

Keith Mcgreggor

James Prieto

Jonathan Wolfe

Adrian Bejan

Sumit D Chowdhury  

Our fractal relationship to God:  We are made in the image of God. Genesis 1:26-27, 5:1-2, 9:6.


2. Science and Medicine

Unified field theory John Hagelin

Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Fred Alan Wolfe

Stuart Hameroff

Epigenetics: Bruce Lipton:

Medicine: Exercise cures most health problems and more:


3. Ecology, Botany  and Zoology

Traditional and modern Science: Gaia: Our Global Self

Tom Seeley, Honeybee Democracy   


4. Education and Psychology

Psychology:  We create our own reality:

We only see what we want to see:


Education: Outdoor Education

Education: Nature deficit disorder:

Intelligence in the skin:


5.  Against Poverty

Michael Brody-Waite – Leaders Can Heal the World in the Same Way Drug Addicts Heal Themselves

Meik Wiking –  The Darker Side of Happiness


6. Learning to Be Human

How to Have a Good Conversation | Celeste Headlee     

You are contagious | Vanessa Van Edwards 

What one skill = an awesome life? | Dr. Shimi Kang  

7. Inspiring Action/Projects

Greta Thunberg:

Children who changed the world 


8. Sustainable Living

Sustainable Live-for-free communities 

Non-Reductionist Culture

The Men of Fifth World – Planet Doc


9.  Adventure

Climbing Cayambe

Rafting Jatunyacu River


10. Sport

Emily Balcetis – Eyes on the Prize

Open Water Swim Event  – Galapagos Is.s

Cycling Race in Carchi Province

Downhill cycling tournament in Cuenca


9. Technology

Wind energy:


10. Children’s stories and messages

The Man Who Planted Trees

Quotes for kids:

11. Music

Cat Stevens – Where Do the Children Play?

Grace Van Der Waal – A Better Life

Playing For Change – Teach Your Children Well

Himno de Mi Corazon  PFC


One Love    


12. Visual Arts


13. Organisations We Support

Mushuk Away Network in Ecuador

Federacion Ecuatoriana de Seguridad Acuatica  FESA

Fundación Luminar  Esmeraldas


Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education

World Leisure Organization

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

We Forest

Global Union of Scientists for Peace: