Place-Centred and Indigenous Culture-Centred Sporting Events

There are many places in the province that lend themselves to amazing sporting events: tracks that go through forests, up mountains and along beaches that suit foot races and mountain bike races. There are rivers, lakes and coastline that suit endurance events in swimming, canoeing and triathlon, there are places perfect for sailing, hanggliding and White-water rafting. There are indigenous sports such as archery, spear-throwing, canoeing, blow-darting, fishing and gymnastics type activities that have their own traditions in Ecuador. These draw attention to the uniqueness of our identity, and with that, a new sense of pride and motivation.    

One by one we hope to initiate programmes and events that get local people more challenged in life and enjoying the natural environments they live in.

Road construction is destroying the local culture and ecosystem. By enjoying traditional river travel, local people see their isolation as less of an inconvenience and learn to appreciate the great protection it provides.