Who are we?

Integridad Foundation is a group of over twenty positive thinkers mostly in Ecuador, from all walks of life who are very concerned about the disintegration in their world. We are people who may or may not benefit directly from the foundation but still contribute what we can to sustain it. The most positive part of Integridad is that we are a sample of society that acts as a good example and demonstrates that people are fundamentally good and want to better their community, something that cannot be said about political leaders in the country, who degrade the public image of human beings and create despair amongst the population. Integridad has two meanings in English. Together they sum up who we are, what we do, and most importantly, what our outdoor education message is: WHOLENESS and INTEGRITY.


Director: Martin Couell (Ecuador)

Secretary: Elizabeth Garcia (Ecuador)

International Coordinator: Kerri Kang (Australia)

Treasurer: Grecia Drouet (Ecuador)

Recreation Coordinator: Jamy Chica (Ecuador)

Green areas Coordinator: Cecilia Demera (Ecuador)